🌟 Our collar hardware is available in three stunning plated colors: Nickel, Rose Gold, and Matte Black. These hardware options are designed to add a touch of sophistication and flair to your furry friend's look, ensuring they stand out in every adventure.

⛏️ A Word on Wear and Tear: Our plated hardware is crafted with precision and attention to detail, featuring nickel, rose gold, and matte black finishes. While these colors offer a dazzling aesthetic, it's essential to note that over time and with regular use, the plating may naturally wear. Rest assured, this slight wear adds character to the hardware without compromising its structural integrity. Like any plated metal, exposure to sharp objects may result in minor scratches. However, these superficial marks do not affect the functionality or longevity of the hardware. The hardware's inner strength ensures that your dog's collar remains securely in place.

Hardware Upgrades

🏊 For the water-loving adventurers and beachcombers among our furry friends, we proudly offer two hardware upgrades: Solid Brass and Stainless Steel. Tailored specifically for our traditional buckle collars, these upgrades guarantee a worry-free experience, especially for dogs that can't resist the allure of saltwater adventures. Sorry quick release folks, we don't offer solid brass or stainless steel on any quick release collars

🔆 Solid Brass Brilliance: Upgrade your pup's collar with the timeless charm and beauty of solid brass hardware. One of the most significant advantages of solid brass is its natural resistance to corrosion. As your pup dives into salty waves or enjoys aquatic escapades, this premium upgrade will retain its stunning appearance without tarnishing. Moreover, brass ages gracefully, developing a unique patina that exudes character and elegance.

🌊 Stainless Steel Resilience: Unleash your dog's water-loving spirit with our stainless steel hardware upgrade. Crafted from high-grade stainless steel, this option boasts exceptional durability and rust-resistant properties, making it a top choice for dogs that frolic in saltwater environments. Its non-corrosive nature ensures that the hardware retains its gleam even after countless beachside adventures.